Randy's personal cell phone is:     (580)-480-5966
We want you to get to know our company & our staff, please call me personally with any questions.
 please email us at the box on the right,  or, give Randy a call at the number listed  in the box below.     

For Katie Jones, Randy Ray Entertainment is only in charge of live promotional appearances at concerts, clubs, and personal appearances at any type of retail business for autograph sessions & etc.                                                 

Any reputable cinema/video companies, ad agent, or magazine publishing companies interested in contracting information about Katie, please contact her company via the email address below. Email Katie's company with:    Your companies name & location, phone number, web site address, & your name and your position with the company that is interested in doing business with Katie.  So as not to waste your time or Katie's time, before contacting Katie's company you need to know that Katie will only agree to the following:     1. Katie Jones name & company name must appear in any magazine ad pictorial layouts or video ads, or, at least in the credits of any video or print ads.   2.  In any magazine pictorial layouts or in any & all video ad scenes, all such material must be shot in keeping with the theme of Katie's personality &/or company theme, 'KATIE'S TRAIN COMPANY'.                 Serious inquiries from legitimate companies               only, please!  Contact Katie's company at:                              


 For bookings &/or available entertainment  dates information for Florida and the Deep  South,  contact our agent Justin  McNeill by    clicking his email link in the box below.

       Below are excerpts from brochures both past and present, the pages are                         in order from left to right starting with row 1.  Then and Now!

  Enclosed in the mailing with your brochure, we will have a letter on the models and acts available now.

     Les Fradkin was one of the original stars in 'Beatlemania' with            Justin and Mitch.  Les has continued in music and won wide-              spread acclaim for his work.  Below are some of the highlights of      his career in music.  We are very proud to have Les, Mitch, and                             Justin to star in, "The Boys From Beatlemania"!