Meet Randy Ray Entertainment!


'Randy Ray Entertainment' has brought many Big-Name Rock and Country artists to the concert stage.  Starting in the early '70's, Randy & Ken have Performed With, Managed, Produced, & Promoted some of the biggest name musical acts in the world.   Randy  has worked with all types of Models and Cinema Stars and Starlets that are well known around the world.  This includes Major Motion Picture Celebrities, Playboy Magazine, Adult Cinema Performers, & the list goes on & on.  We have worked with them all!

          Randy                            Keri                           Ken



Randy L. Ray - C.E.O.

Ken Ward - President

Keri Kirkpatrick - Vice President

Our top three officers have a combined experience of over 100 years in the Music and Entertainment Business.

          Our  Newest Client

              Ms. Katie Jones                   
      Katie's 'TRAIN COMPANY'


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Upon graduation from high school, Randy attended Southwestern Oklahoma State  University on a full music scholarship & was president of
       Kappa Kappa Psi Fraternity  1970-1971.  He began his career in music and the entertainment business while still in high school in the late 1960's
    .  Throughout the sixties, seventies, and eighties, he worked and toured with many big-name rock, soul, and country artists.  Randy has  worked as
       drummer, promoter, producer,  & manager for several groups.  He has done studio session work on drums for several groups.  One recording
       engineer he recorded with back in the 1960's was Gene Sullivan.  Gene was chief recording engineer on Elvis Presley's first few big hits.  In the
       early seventies, Randy was named in Who's Who of American Percussionist by 'Purcussive Arts Society Magazine' (P.A.S.).  He worked on and
       off with 'Playboy Magazine' in various capacities with Playmates, Bunnies, and their Las Vegas stage show,  Playboy's "Girls of  Rock & Roll.'.
       Valerie Cragin,  Playboy's Executive Vice-President of Promotions, put Randy under contract as  Authorized Representative with her division in
       1992.  Randy has worked with the U.S.O. at the Pentagon arranging U.S.O. Tours for the Playboy show & other artists at U.S. military bases around
       the world.  Starting in the mid-seventies at his office &  apparel showroom in the Dallas Apparel Mart, Randy interviewed literally thousands 
       of young women for jobs as models in the mart and for magazine print ads. 
     Ken holds a masters degree in music from Southwestern Oklahoma State University.  Ken has performed with Randy in the
     recording studio and played bass on tour for several big-name recording acts.  These acts include 'The Drifters', 'Al Wilson' and several
      others.  He has also helped Randy in production for several large venue concerts for acts such as 'Three Dog Night', 'The Grass Roots', and 
      others.  Ken taught many years as band director for several schools in Texas  and Oklahoma.
      Keri attended the University of Oklahoma.  She has been convention coordinator & representative for the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association
      of America.  She also served as corporate trainer for the 'On The Border' restaurant chain out of Dallas/Fort Worth.  For 'On The Border', she
      was flown all over the U.S. training new franchise managers & staff on everything from proper food preparation, how to run the electronic
      ordering system, to customer care.  Keri has also been in management and served as buyer for several junior's apparel chains, including
      'Cricket Alley' and others.